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mytenders pro

mytenders pro gives you access to all the basic functions and includes some great additional features to make your procurement process even easier and keep it all online.

The mytenders offer can be tailored to suit your Public Sector procurement needs and prices start from just £895 plus VAT. Separate rates are available for consultants dependant on the number of clients. Contact us on 0800 222 9006 or email for more information today.


Attach documents to your notices

Attach documents to your notice for interested suppliers to download. A total of 100Mb can be uploaded to any notice.

Receive submissions online

Receive Request for Quote (RFQ), Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) or tender responses from your suppliers electronically in a secure environment.

Receive and answer questions online

Provide online clarifications with the Questions and Answers (Q&A) functionality. Respond only once to questions, keeping all suppliers updated in real-time.

Conduct two-stage procurement exercises

Use all the additional functions to invite selected suppliers to the second stage of a procurement process.

Request for Quotation facility

Quick Quote is an online quotation facility which allows you to obtain competitive quotes electronically for low value requirements.

Comply with The Public Contracts Regulations 2015

All features comply with the new procurement regulations which came into effect on 26th February 2015.

Send your notices to the OJEU and Contracts Finder

Use mytenders to publish all your procurement notices in one place and meet requirements for them to be sent to the OJEU and Contracts Finder.

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mytenders pro

OPTIONAL - Branded buyers profile page

With an extra subscription you can have a branded Buyers Profile page. This can be designed to look like a page within your own website. Every notice you publish on mytenders will automatically be included on this page.

See the examples below:

What our clients say...

"The Pro package provides considerably more use from the site and allows me to manage my tenders all in one portal. This includes monitoring interested parties, responding to questions simultaneously and uploading documents as required. It’s taken so much of the burden out of the process for me and made it so easy to use."

Gary Phillips (MCIPS), Procurement Manager - The Energy Saving Trust

"The Sweett group are relative newcomers to mytenders and it is already hard to remember how we coped previously. We procure many contracts for our clients and have found mytenders to be user friendly. With the recent upgrade to allow 100mb of documents to be uploaded we have more than sufficient space. The customer care facility is second to none and during our ‘bedding in’ period we may have monopolised the service but all our questions however basic have been answered in a very quick, helpful and courteous manner. We would recommend mytenders wholeheartedly and look forward to utilising the service for many years to come."

Alan Saunders, Project Director - Procurement & Supply Chain Sweett Group

"Using the mytenders pro package removes our need for hard copy proposals making the entire procurement process more efficient. Our staff find it easy to use with clear instructions and our suppliers have also commented on its ease of use. Support provided by mytenders has always been of a high standard and they’ve always been able to answer my questions. In addition to the useful tendering functions mytenders provides a clear audit trail of procurement processes and is definitely good value overall."

Gareth Morris, Senior Procurement Officer - Ofgem